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1976 Oakland Raiders World Series Championship Ring


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The Oakland Raiders are actually an NFL (National Football League) team, not a baseball team, so they wouldn’t have won a World Series. However, they have won Super Bowls, which are the championships for American football.

The Oakland Raiders won their first Super Bowl championship in the 1976 season, which is often referred to as Super Bowl XI. Here’s a description of what their championship ring might look like:

  1. Design: The ring typically features a large, central stone, often a cubic zirconia, surrounded by smaller cubic zirconia or gemstones. The team’s logo, the year of the championship (1976), and possibly the words “Super Bowl XI Champions” would be engraved around the ring.
  2. Inscription: It would likely include “Oakland Raiders” or simply “Raiders” along with “Super Bowl XI Champions” and the year.
  3. Metal: Made of precious metals like gold or silver, the ring is crafted with intricate detailing that might include the team’s colors and emblematic symbols.
  4. Size and Weight: Championship rings are substantial in size and weight, often designed to be bold and eye-catching.
  5. Symbolism: The ring represents the Raiders’ triumph in Super Bowl XI, where they defeated the Minnesota Vikings 32-14. This victory marked their first Super Bowl win under the leadership of head coach John Madden and star players like Ken Stabler and Fred Biletnikoff.

The 1976 Oakland Raiders team is remembered for their dominance on both offense and defense throughout the season, culminating in their Super Bowl victory and earning their place in NFL history.


Premium Stainless Steel, Pure Sterling Silver, Gold Plated over Sterling Silver 925


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