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Frontier Minor Leagues


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The Frontier League, being an independent professional baseball league, awards championship rings to its winning teams as symbols of their achievement. Here’s a general description of what a Frontier League championship ring might include:

  1. Team Logo: The top of the ring typically features the team’s logo or emblem, often in colorful enamel or surrounded by cubic zirconia or other gemstones.
  2. Championship Year: Engraved or embossed prominently on the ring would be the year of the championship win (e.g., “2021 Champions”).
  3. League Name: Rings often include the league’s name, such as “Frontier League Champions” or “FL Champions”.
  4. Gemstones: Rings may incorporate cubic zirconia, or other gemstones to enhance the design and add prestige. These stones might be used around the logo or to highlight other design elements.
  5. Engravings: Inside or on the sides of the ring, there might be engravings such as “League Champions”, the team’s motto or slogan, or significant statistics from the championship season.
  6. Metal: Typically made of 24karat electroplated over blass, chosen for durability and aesthetic appeal.
  7. Personalization: Some rings are personalized with the player’s name and/or jersey number, making each ring a unique memento of their contribution to the team’s success.

Championship rings in the Frontier League, like in other minor leagues, are cherished keepsakes for players, coaches, and staff. They represent the culmination of hard work, dedication, and teamwork throughout the season, and they serve as lasting reminders of the team’s accomplishment in winning the league championship.


Premium Stainless Steel, Pure Sterling Silver, Gold Plated over Sterling Silver 925


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