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2017 Carolina Minor Leagues


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The 2017 Carolina Minor Leagues ring is typically a championship ring awarded to the winning team of the Carolina League in Minor League Baseball. While specific designs can vary between teams and years, these rings commonly feature:

  1. Team Logo: The ring usually prominently displays the team’s logo on the top face, often in colorful enamel or surrounded by cubic zirconia or other gemstones.
  2. Championship Year: The year “2017” would likely be engraved or embossed somewhere on the ring, signifying the championship season.
  3. Gemstones: Rings often include gemstones to add sparkle and value. cubic zirconia  are common, but other precious stones  might also be used.
  4. Engravings: Inside or on the sides of the ring, there might be engravings such as the team’s motto, the league name (“Carolina League Champions”), or the team’s record.
  5. Metal: Typically made of 24karat electroplated over blass, sometimes with a mix of metals for contrast or durability.
  6. Personalization: Some rings are personalized with the player’s name and/or jersey number.

Each ring is a unique symbol of achievement, crafted to commemorate the team’s success in the Carolina League during the 2017 season. The exact design and materials can vary depending on the team and the preferences of the organization commissioning the rings.


Premium Stainless Steel, Pure Sterling Silver, Gold Plated over Sterling Silver 925


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