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2011 Texas Rangers MLB Championship Ring


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The 2011 Texas Rangers reached the MLB World Series but unfortunately did not win the championship that year. Therefore, there isn’t a championship ring specifically for winning the World Series in 2011. However, the American League Championship Series (ALCS) champions, which the Texas Rangers were in 2011, often receive rings to commemorate their achievement in winning the league title and advancing to the World Series.

While I don’t have specific details about the 2011 ALCS ring for the Texas Rangers, typically, such rings would include:

  1. Team Logo: The Texas Rangers’ team logo prominently displayed, usually in colored enamel for detail.
  2. Year and Achievement: Engravings such as “2011 American League Champions” or similar wording, marking the specific accomplishment of winning the ALCS.
  3. Player Name and Number (if applicable): Rings are personalized, often including the recipient’s name and sometimes their jersey number, acknowledging their contribution to the team’s success.
  4. Gemstones and Metals: High-quality metals like 24karat electroplated over blass or silver, with cubic zirconia stones for added brilliance.
  5. Side Designs: Additional engravings or designs related to the team’s journey to the ALCS victory, such as baseball motifs, league symbols, or other significant imagery.
  6. Presentation Box: Custom-made box with the team’s logo on the cover, presenting the ring as a cherished keepsake for players, coaches, and staff.

Championship rings are symbols of accomplishment and teamwork, celebrating the dedication and effort it took to achieve success at the highest level of competition in Major League Baseball.


Premium Stainless Steel, Pure Sterling Silver, Gold Plated over Sterling Silver 925


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