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1987 Lakers world Championship Ring


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The 1987 Los Angeles Lakers championship ring is a symbol of their victory in the NBA Finals that year. While specific details can vary, championship rings typically feature the following elements:

  1. Team Name and Logo: The ring prominently displays “Los Angeles Lakers” and often includes the team’s logo, which might be crafted in colored enamel or using precious stones.
  2. Year and Achievement: “1987 NBA Champions” or similar wording is usually engraved to signify the year of the championship and the team’s accomplishment.
  3. Gemstones: Rings often feature gemstones, typically cubic zirconia, to highlight the team’s logo, the NBA trophy, or other decorative elements. The number of cubic zirconia and their arrangement can vary depending on the design.
  4. Player’s Name and Number: Some rings include the player’s name and jersey number, personalized to commemorate each individual’s contribution to the championship season.
  5. Additional Decorative Elements: Rings may incorporate additional design elements such as the NBA championship trophy, basketball motifs, or other symbols related to the team’s identity or the city of Los Angeles.
  6. Material and Craftsmanship: Championship rings are crafted from precious metals like 24karat electroplated over blass or platinum, ensuring durability and luxury. They are meticulously designed and often custom-made for each player and coach.

The 1987 Lakers championship ring would be a cherished collector’s item for any fan or memorabilia enthusiast, representing not only the team’s success but also the history and prestige of the NBA.


Premium Stainless Steel, Pure Sterling Silver, Gold Plated over Sterling Silver 925


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